Struggling with your software?  Blackstock Consulting has helped thousands of construction professionals through our books, classes, consultations, and conference presentations. We help companies select, implement, and profit from the software they use. If you’re looking to get the most out of your enterprise software systems, such as Viewpoint and Sage, then contact us. Our services, including software selection, implementation, training, troubleshooting, process design, creation reports, dashboards, and more, are custom designed for your business needs.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Blackstock Consulting provides software and technology services for construction companies. With over fifteen years experience as LED enterprise software trainers, consultants, and project managers, we provide customers with both business value and superior service experience.

We specialize in building new teams, introducing best practices, managing high growth, rolling out new products, and providing solutions for precarious situations. We foster a culture of collaboration, growth, and fun while promoting your company’s mission, values, and products.

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What sets us Apart

Exceptional Service

By fostering collaboration, growth, and fun we promote your company’s mission, values, and products with service that is second to none

Creative Solutions

Providing unique solutions to business needs is just a small part of our exceptional services and yet another way we exceed industry standards

Business Value

We craft custom software, training, and technology solutions that promote growth and add value to your business

Impressive Results

Our exceptional service and ability to provide creative solutions, that add value to businesses, provide us with the tools needed to meet and exceed expectations