Helping construction companies select, implement, AND
PROFIT from software

Blackstock Consulting
provides professional construction software consulting.

We craft unique solutions that add value to software
and technology used in the construction industry.


With over fifteen years experience as LED enterprise software trainers, consultants, and project managers, we provide customers with both business value and superior service. Our experience allows us to craft custom solutions for your business needs. Regardless of the size or scope of your business, we’ll assist in making software, like Sage and Viewpoint, more profitable.

How we make a difference

proven process

We start by listening to your needs. Whatever your software needs are, we’ll ask the right questions to craft a customized plan of action and provide your business with the tools needed for achieveing success.

exceptional service

Our process creates a culture of collaboration and growth that allows us to focus our attention on the details needed to meet your business goals and provide you with the best construction software consulting available.

creative solutions

A hallmark of our service is the ability to provide unique solutions to a wide array of business needs. Contact us today and start a conversation about how our ideas can bring creative solutions and insights to your business.

profitable results

Struggling to get the most out of your software solutions? No problem! We can help you identify the right software for your needs, or provide your team with instruction  on how to make the most of your current software and technology.


  • Evaluate

    Listen & Learn

  • Discover

    Ask Questions

  • Diagnose

    Determine Options

  • Endeavor

    Recommend Actions

  • Implementation


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